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Только полезные товары. тел.: 8-383-207-88-38
Новосибирская область Новосибирск ул. Иванова, 17, офис 136

About Us

Trading House «Kudesnik» («Magician») - a stable and rapidly expanding private company specializing in online trading since 2006.

We offer our customers massage equipment, home medical equipment, leisure goods and personal care delivery city, Siberia and the country.   The company is located on their own areas. This allows us to have the lowest prices in the region. We place high demands on suppliers, which enables us to offer our customers a good product with a «zero» on the prices of Moscow and SP-B premium.  

Large and high-technology equipment is accompanied us in the warranty and post-warranty service.  

Prices and availability of the site kept up to date.   Visit our multi-brand showroom massage chairs and massagers with the center receiving and issuing orders in Novosibirsk, Ivanova str. 17  

Since 2013, our company moved to direct import of goods from abroad and plans to completely switch to a scheme of supply in the future.  

Contact us: market@tdkd.biz  

630055 Novosibirsk, Ivanova str. 17-136
tel / fax: +7 (383) 332-46-93